Working with public sector clients to provide digital transformation services, is what we’re known for.

And we do it pretty well too, (don’t just take our word for it)

“[you have] high standards, very professional, and an excellent attitude. You care, and you go the extra mile to deliver.” - Ministry of Justice

“You were able to build a team around us” - Dstl

“Something in you’re recruitment is finding very high quality people. Not sure how you’re doing it, but you’re doing a very good job” - DfE

Over the past 6 years, we’ve delivered over 50 services following the Government Service Standard and the Technology Code of Practice. We consider the service standard in our approach to projects, ensuring all parts of a team are involved from inception onwards. This makes it easier for delivery, and to help teams, we run ‘mock’ service assessments to support and test the health of our own projects.

Being technology agnostic, means we investigate and understand design needs, to ensure a clear architecture is developed alongside stakeholders. We follow cloud provider recommended strategies for scalability and security whilst ensuring compatibility with application, database and data storage needs, for example, Azure for hosting, Jenkins for CI, Ansible for automation, Terraform for orchestration, Postgres databases and more. Our teams have worked across multiple industry and government sectors and follow best practice to ensure continuity is possible.

We care about developing communities of practice, working in an ethical way and helping people stay secure.


We don’t believe in a purist approach to agile delivery; listening, observing and understanding the landscape is important to gage the cultural norms in a working environment. This helps to establish ways of working across each delivery team, so that the right language and approach is used with stakeholders, ministers and other teams.

By working openly and transparently, we support teams to gain the skills they need to work across digital service delivery, building the right skills and experience that will be retained in the organisation.

We work with specialists who have real experience of working in agile teams, and more importantly, can communicate and work closely with those who are less familiar in agile environments.


HQ team

Our HQ team have over twenty years of experience in public and private sector digital spaces, linking to thought leadership from key industry groups including ADS, Service Design Network, Tech UK and of course, across Whitehall. We're committed to the concept of ‘the strategy is delivery’, with a focus on people, culture and transparency. The number 2 in our company name is a constant reminder of the need to deliver practical outcomes and improve every 2 weeks.

Empowered specialists

We carefully integrate our specialists into existing teams, creating a culture of collaboration, unity and support. Our teams own the quality of the solution and strive towards design patterns and automated products. As experienced specialists, we frequently coach, mentor and upskill civil servants to build confidence in effective delivery.

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We work with the Cabinet Office as providers on securing official-sensitive data in the public cloud. As a value-added activity, we work on an industry level thought-leadership basis in cyber security, and we facilitate, guide and educate on cyber challenges; for example, working with client teams to advise on special security concerns and ethical hacking. We are also Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.